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Salvage Abandoned Subscription Attempts

For websites offering member subscription plans, sometimes the user abandons the setup process after submitting the 1st step (profile creation), but before the 2nd step (subscription creation). Previously, if the user came back at a later time, they had to start from the 1st step. Now there is a very easy way to offer a unique link to the user which allows them to continue where they left off (step 2). They do not need to re-enter the account information and can simply select a subscription plan and complete the process. You'll find this unique link in the control panel where the pending info is stored. Simply copy the link, click their email address to start an email, and paste the link in the email with instructions to click on it to continue where they left off.

abandonded subscriptions

Additionally, when a user completes step 1 and cancels step 2, they will be automatically directed to the unique link mentioned above, giving them another opportunity to continue without needing to start over.


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