OcularCMS® Features

Visual Content Management

Wouldn’t it be easier to edit content directly on your site rather than in a separate, disconnected box? We believe so. Simply launch the CMS with a single click on your website, then make changes and publish. It’s as easy as that. Our CMS is tightly integrated with the Froala WYSIWYG editor to quickly style content and add links, files, images, videos, widgets, and more--all directly on the page.
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Universal Access

Enjoy 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, from any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, etc), and any operating system (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc).
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Built For Speed

Experience lightning-fast premium web hosting with built-in page-speed-boosting technology. We utilize image optimization and caching, page and data caching, JavaScript and CSS optimization, eTags, and gzip file compression, all without you needing to lift a finger.
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built for speed


carbon offset certificateA hosted CMS means you never have to worry about configuring a server, updating software, installing patches, or fixing plugins. We provide reliable and redundant carbon-neutral web hosting in the cloud, and “future proof” the platform by continuously adding new features and incorporating ever-changing specs.
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Developer Tools

Web developers, use your HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills to build master templates and page layouts for your clients. No need to FTP files, purchase hosting, configure a server, or install plugins. Additional features: mobile optimization for non-responsive designs, turnkey slideshows & widgets, easy embedding of 3rd party widgets, domain and page-level 301 redirects, and a non-technical UI for querying the DB and integrating with the site.
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Sell Products Online

Easily sell products with turnkey tools and features:
  • Free SSL Security Certificate setup & renewal
  • Payments through Stripe, Paypal, Authorize.net.
  • Coupon Code Management
  • Auto Inventory Tracking & "out of stock" feature
  • Bulk Price Changes and Sale Management
  • Product Attributes (ex sm/med/lg, blue/green/red, etc)
  • Consolidation of Product and Content Management in One Control Panel
  • Easy Import & Export of Product Database
  • Product Search & Filter Capability on website and in Control Panel
  • Transactions Tied to User Accounts (giving customers the ability to log in to view their invoice history and track shipments).
  • Seamless Back-end Transaction Process (without transferring to merchant gateway interface)
  • Recently-Viewed Items feature
  • Discounted pricing based on quantity ranges
  • State-level Tax Calculations
  • Shipping Calculations (flat rate, percentage of total, range by amount, range by weight, range by quantity, or real-time)
  • One-Page Secure Checkout
  • Email Notifications sent upon successful and/or failed transaction attempts.
  • Subscriptions for recurring payments provided by Stripe and Paypal.
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Built-in SEO

Ranking higher in search engines is a major goal of our CMS, with the following features baked in:
  • Search-engine-friendly URL's.
  • Control of meta tags and page titles
  • Dynamic XML sitemap for search engines
  • Clean, W3C-validated HTML
  • 301 redirects of old page URLs to new, and secondary domains to primary
  • Dynamic robots.txt file with location of XML sitemap
  • Automatic URL normalization/canonicalization
  • Spider-friendly navigation links
  • Hierarchically-structured page content (using tags, unordered lists, etc)
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Alt and title attribute access
  • Google analytics integration
  • Dynamic RSS feeds of blogs and products
  • Easy integration of social networking links and widgets.
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Social Sharing

Enhance your social presence with various built-in features for sharing your blog and products via social media, email, commenting, social bookmarking, QR barcodes, and RSS feeds.
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