Hosted CMS for Providers

Do you provide services to your clients that involve websites? We love working with web designers, web developers, graphic designers, business consultants, ad agencies, SEOs, marketers, and more. Whether you have the skills to build a template or simply prefer to browse through our themes, OcularCMS® wants to be your go-to CMS for your sites. Consider us for your next project--it’s no cost to you! We can invoice your clients directly, or we can invoice you so you can add a markup. Learn about the standard features and third-party integrations, watch demo videos, view API documentation, and see how your clients would edit content in the demo. Then get started today.
Seeing is believing. Check out our demo videos.
API Docs
Build your own web apps and integrate with our API.
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Do you already use another CMS?

We get it. There are a lot of them out there. You've probably invested a lot of time and effort into at least one already, so why would you want to take the time for another one? We agree, but we'd also like the chance to show you how we compare to WordPress. Also, please consider how your clients actually feel about their CMS.

Provider Benefits

  • Your clients will be happy when they see how easy it is to make changes to their site with our visual CMS.
  • Nothing to install, upload, update, patch, etc. We worry about the back-end so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.
  • Quickly build a custom template with multiple page layouts (working knowledge of HTML and CSS required). Or if you’d prefer to skip the development and personalize a website theme, you can do that too!
  • Easily integrate with our integrated virtual database. No programming skills are needed to manage and extract data for use on the site. Everything is drag-n-drop easy.
  • Manage multiple clients and sites under a single account.
  • Absolutely free to you (unless you’d prefer that we invoice you instead of your clients).

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