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OcularCMS API documentation released

Developers can easily integrate with the OcularCMS API to build site management apps and tools, or to integrate with third-party services to extend functionality beyond the website. The API allows for the retrieval of info and content as well as the ability to modify content and various aspects of the website. The possibilities are endless, and modules will be added over time. To receive updates when we update the API, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our list below, or subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the subscribe button above.

To learn about the API and to get started using it, we've put together a documentation area to help.

view API documentation here
The documentation is also available under Manage Site=>Integrations when logged in to a site (must be in advanced mode). There you can view docs, change access permissions, and create/regenerate an API key. By default, the API is read-only and will only make available what is already on the public website. To view private content or to make changes, an API key must be used.


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