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Secure websites by default

padlockWhen Google announced back in 2014 that they had started to use HTTPS as a ranking signal to determine how websites rank in search results, the race was on to push the World Wide Web over to using HTTPS by default. And recently, Google announced that in July of 2018, the Chrome browser will display "Not Secure" in the address bar if a site is accessed using only HTTP. So not only will a site rank lower if it doesn't have HTTPS, it will also be flagged as insecure if a person visits.

To increase security for OcularCMS® websites, in 2016, we integrated with Let's Encrypt to provide HTTPS for all sites. And now today we're happy to announce that all new OcularCMS® websites will use HTTPS by default. For existing websites, it's as easy as flipping a switch.


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