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Boost page speed with new feature

PageSpeedPage and data caching have been built into the OcularCMS platform from the start, speeding up page loads and increasing search engine friendliness. Additionally, all JavaScript and all CSS files are merged into single JS and CSS files respectively. Then they're "minified" to reduce the size of the downloaded files and the number of round trips to the server, also increasing page loading speed and search ranking.

We've added a new option that lets you go even further by choosing whether these JS and CSS files should be kept as external files (increasing the number of round trips, but allowing for browser caching) or placed inline within the HTML of each page (reducing round trips but increasing total page size). We've found that (generally speaking), by placing them inline, you should get better optimization scores on Google's PageSpeed Insights tool. And of course the more optimized a site is, the better it performs in search engines!

To test external versus inline on your OcularCMS website, log in and head to the Website Optimization section.


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