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Improved contact form spam filters

Spammers have gotten very creative over the years by coming up with ways to outsmart CAPTCHA protections. The good news is that CAPTCHA has evolved to thwart most automated bots. The bad news is that spammers have been taking advantage of the simple idea that CAPTCHA only determines if the form submitter is a person. So now spammers seem to have gone back to their roots and are submitting forms themselves. Of course, they likely use some sort of software to make it much easier to do, but at the end of the day, an actual person is probably submitting the forms (or at least stepping in when presented with a CAPTCHA challenge). And no amount of CAPTCHA is going to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, it only takes one or two persistent phishing emails to be annoying, like the copyright violation scam,

In an effort to limit at least the major spamming emails, we have implemented additional spam filtering into the contact forms for all OcularCMS© websites. And as new schemes pop up we'll work to block future instances.

If you receive spam through your website contact form, forward it along to the support team and we'll work it into the filtering.


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