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Video hosting included with all plans

play buttonUp until now, videos had to be hosted by Youtube, Vimeo or a similar video host or CDN in order to be embedded on a web page hosted by OcularCMS. However, we're excited to announce that videos are now allowed to be stored in the media library. And the best part is...videos are supported on all plans.

Allowed file types are mp4, webm, and ogg. The individual file size limit, media library allowance, and monthly bandwidth allowance are determined by the website plan. To check your max file size, begin to upload a video in either the media library or in editMode and you'll see a message with your limit before you upload. To find the media library and bandwidth allowances, view your dashboard when logged in.

To upload a video, either go to the media library and add a file like you would for an image. Or click where you want the video to go while in editMode and select the video button. You'll see three options, 1) embed a Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, or DailyMotion video, 2) select a video from the media library that has been previously uploaded, or 3) upload a video for the first time.

This feature is already enabled and ready to use. Enjoy! Keep in mind that videos use far more bandwidth and take up more disk space than photos, so be smart about using videos.


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