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Create and manage events for free

party goersWe're very excited to share the latest addition to the Premium Productivity Tools suite. You can now create and manage events for FREE! Have a workshop or seminar you'd like to promote? A company party or concert? Now you can showcase events directly on your website. We charge zero fees. If you charge admission for your event, you simply pay what Stripe charges for credit card transactions (2.9% + 30 cents), and your funds are directly deposited into your bank account. And if you'd like to recoup your costs, you can add a surcharge. Cap your events at a maximum number of attendees, and charge multiple price points with varying sales date ranges. For example, charge early bird, regular, and walk-up admissions, or charge for regular and VIP access, or a combination of all. And if you'd prefer, registrants can cancel and be refunded without ever needing your intervention. You'll also have the ability to easily create promo codes for discounted tickets. Then before, during and after the event, you'll have powerful stats to let you know how many are registered, how many are checked in, what your sales are, and more. And finally, during the event, you'll be able to check in attendees at the door by scanning a QR code with your smartphone (no app download needed).

To get started creating an event, launch editMode and click the triple-dot menu in the upper right corner, then click "create event".

We can't wait to see what events you create!

For our app developer friends, you can integrate with the events module via the OcularCMS API. More info can be found here.


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