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Page Speed comparison of website platforms

By now, you are probably aware that Google uses page speed to rank websites (and has since 2010). And with most searches being performed on mobile devices (and Google using mobile first indexing for all new websites since July 1st, 2019), it's now more important than ever to have a fast website to give you a competitive advantage. But did you know that the website builder platform you use makes a difference in page speed?

We had our suspicions when we noticed trends (i.e. some platforms had consistently low scores and others were higher). So we set out to gather data to see if our suspicions were correct. What we found was amazing, and we think you'll be surprised by the results too.

We used Google's PageSpeed Insights tool to test 148 websites split evenly between Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and of course, OcularCMS. Here are the results.

median pagespeed score by platform
Surprised? Keep in mind that this score is based on a scale of 0 to 100. Google considers 90 and up to be "fast", 50 to 89 "average", and below 50 "slow". Incredibly, Squarespace, Wix and WordPress scores were "slow", whereas OcularCMS scores were "fast".

Additionally, we tested the same sites with the W3C HTML validator tool to see how many errors/warnings each site had since errors tend to cause browsers to take longer to render pages. Here are the results.

median errors by platform
Clearly Wix has an enormous amount of HTML errors on average, which is consistent with our routine testing of websites over time. Squarespace and WordPress have dozens of errors in general, but we found that many of these errors could be resolved without much effort. But there's simply no comparison to the big goose egg put up by OcularCMS.

Our tests confirmed what we already noticed, but now we have the data to back it up.

The website platform you use has an impact on page speeds, which affects search rankings.

So how does OcularCMS perform so well? We started by building from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind at every step, including image optimization, page and data caching, script optimization, eTags, file compression, and many other creative features to optimize websites.

The results are not accidental, nor are our actions simply an afterthought. Stand apart from the rest and try OcularCMS for your next website project. Still not convinced? See how OcularCMS compares to WordPress.


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