WordPress is great!

but do your clients agree?
"I broke my website!"
"My site's been hacked!"
"I don't update my site because it's too complicated"

These are words you never want to hear from clients, but unfortunately they get in over their heads, sites get hacked, and they get confused.

WP has its advantages. But it also has its limitations. Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Too complex for the end user (expand)
  • Potential for “breaking” the site (expand)
  • Plugins are security vulnerabilities (expand)
  • Plugins cost time and money (expand)
  • Self-hosting tethers you to projects (expand)
  • WP and plugins need to be installed and configured (expand)
If you can honestly say that none of the above apply to you, then we're very happy for you and your clients, and are sorry for wasting your time. But if just one sounds familiar, then please say hello to OcularCMS® - the friendliest visual CMS you'll ever meet.

Check out how your clients would update their site in the demo. See a high-level overview of features available to them, or dive in to more advanced demo videos and third-party integrations for you and/or your clients. Easily add your own design template or browse through free designs. And for developers, integrate with our API to create the next killer app.

Treat your clients to a CMS that's easy, safe, and friendly.

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