Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my site?

Yes. You can cancel your trial and live website at any time by simply contacting us when logged into your site.

Do I need to have a domain name to start the trial?

No. During the trial you will be provided a temporary domain so that you can work on the site (e.g. You won't need a real domain until you are ready to launch the new site (but it's ok if you already have one). And you can register the domain with any company you wish. Just remember that we provide the hosting, so you won't need to purchase any when reserving a domain.

How is OcularCMS® different from WordPress?

WordPress has its advantages, but it also has its weaknesses. For starters, you have to use your imagination when making changes to site content (unless you want to make a change, preview it, make a change, preview it, and so on). OcularCMS® is entirely visual. You don't edit content in a text box in a control panel. Instead, you edit content ON your site where you can actually see the changes you're making (see the demo page for an example). Also, WordPress needs additional plugins to add functionality. Otherwise, it's just a boring site without any functionality or purpose. For example, if you want to display a cool slideshow, sell products, add social media features, or optimize your site (SEO), you need to install plugins. Not only is this process burdensome (and often technical), it's also extremely dangerous. Why? Plugins are created by anyone and everyone. Some intentionally try to wreak havoc by creating plugins with malicious intent, and others might have good intentions, but aren't skilled enough to know how to apply proper security measures and reliable code. WordPress is very widely used, but it's also very heavily targeted by hackers.

Can I suggest features?

Absolutely. The success of OcularCMS® is in its ability to offer nearly everything you want in a website, without needing to install or upgrade anything. In other words, we've built as much functionality into it as we can. But if you have a particular need that doesn't already exist in the platform, let us know and we'll seriously consider adding the feature. The sky's the limit!

What are the file and bandwidth limitations?

The media library is a convenient storage area where all uploaded images and documents reside for use on web pages. Acceptable file types include jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, and xlsx. The max file size is 3MB per file. Please note that videos must be hosted by third-party providers like Youtube or Vimeo before being embedded on websites. You are allowed a total of 150MB of media library files to be hosted on our servers at any one time. If this limit is exceeded, a small surcharge may be incurred. Note that the size of all other files is not counted against the allowance (e.g. shared template files). Bandwidth of media library files is not to exceed .5GB per month (512MB). If this limit is exceeded, a small surcharge may be incurred. Bandwidth of all other files is not counted against allowance. It's important to note that when uploading image files, the CMS automatically downsizes to the appropriate web dimensions needed by the site, thus saving vast amounts of storage space and speeding up page load speeds, but without sacrificing image quality. So don't let the storage or bandwidth limits frighten you--it's very unlikely that you'll ever approach these caps.

Can I get FTP access?

We have taken great measure to balance security and accessibility by allowing the upload of media files and modification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from within the CMS, while at the same time protecting the server environment by restricting access to FTP, command line, database, file permissions, htaccess, and any other server, web, or code-related items of the hosted platform. We believe it's the best of both worlds because it allows you to get access to what you need, and protects the server environment from unnecessary risk. Plus, almost everything you can imagine is already built into the platform. No need for plugins, upgrades, etc.

Can I use the CMS with a different web host?

Our technology resides in our own special place on the Interwebs. In order to provide you with a worry-free experience, we take care of the hosting, security, updates, feature enhancements and more. When reserving your domain name, there is no need to purchase web hosting since we provide it for you.
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