You're a CMS genius

sadly, though, your clients aren't
"I broke my website!"
"My site's been hacked!"
"I don't update my site because it's too complicated"
"HTM wuh?"
"Yeah, I know PHP. I read some tutorials online."

These are words you never want to hear from clients, but unfortunately they get in over their heads, sites get hacked, they get confused, and in the end, they get frustrated.

CMS's are great for designers and developers, but they're not so great for the one-and-only person that matters most--the end user. That's right, once you're done, your clients are the ones who have to log in every day and make changes. They are the ones who will be using it 99% of the time. Are they experts like you? The magic 8 ball says "outlook not so good".

This is what a typical client thinks about the average CMS:
  • Too complex! (expand)
  • Too easy to "break" (expand)
  • Too easy to hack (expand)
  • Too difficult to install additional plugins (expand)
If all your clients are happy with the CMS you use, then we're very happy for everyone and are sorry for wasting your time (perhaps you can get it back here or simply turn back time). But if you've ever had a client or prospect complain about any of the above, then we'd like to introduce you to OcularCMS® - the friendliest visual CMS you'll ever meet.

It doesn't cost you a dime, and starts at just $9 a month for your clients.

Check out how your clients would update their site in the demo. See a high-level overview of features available to them, or dive in to more advanced demo videos and third-party integrations for you and/or your clients. Easily add your own design template or browse through free designs. Or integrate with our API to create the next killer app.

Treat your clients to a CMS that's easy, safe, and friendly.
They'll love you for it.

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