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*cost is waived until site is live (up to 1 month).

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During the trial period of up to 1 month, you will not be charged anything--we don’t even ask for a credit card to get started. You will be able to access your site using a temporary sub domain while you work on it (ex, mysite.ocularcms.com). Then if you’re ready to go live during the trial period, we will assign your real domain to the site and begin charging the monthly fee at that time. If the site is not live by the end of the trial period, you will have two options 1) continue using the temporary sub domain, and the monthly charge will begin at that time (take as long as you need), or 2) if you prefer not to go live (or we don’t hear back from you), the account will be shut down and eventually deleted, and you will not be responsible for any payments.


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page options
  • Need more pages?
  • up to 3 pages included
  • up to 10 pages $4 more a month
  • up to 50 pages $7 more a month
  • unlimited pages $10 more a month

e-commerce options
  • Selling products?
  • up to 10 items $10 more a month
  • up to 50 items $15 more a month
  • up to 100 items $20 more a month
  • up to 200 items $25 more a month

support options
  • Need help?
  • 24/7 knowledge base
  • knowledge base + support by email
    $10 more a month
  • knowledge base + support by email + 1hr of updates
    $49 more a month

productivity tool options
  • Integrate with Mailchimp, etc?
  • standard tools included
  • premium tools $17 more a month

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